A Review of Sit Stay Love

I just finished reading Sit Stay Love, by Dana Mentink. It was such a fun story!1604 image2

Cal Crawford is a cranky pro baseball pitcher who inherits his mother’s overweight, geriatric dog, a dachshund mix. He’s a busy man and doesn’t really like dogs, so he immediately calls a pet sitter.

Gina Palmer is an out-of-work kindergarten teacher who is crazy about dogs, so she takes the job. When she meets Cal and Tippy, she’s much more impressed with the dog than the man. She finds Cal uptight and egotistical, but falls instantly in love with Tippy.

1604 image1Cal and Gina are from completely different worlds, but as she spends time with him, her opinion of him changes. With Gina’s help, Cal begins to mellow and see the blessings in his life

Sit, Stay, Love is a great story. Some parts are laugh-out-loud funny, and others had me teary. Tippy is amazingly sweet, but manages to get into all kinds of trouble, making her even more endearing. As mommy to an overweight, geriatric dachshund myself, I especially enjoyed Tippy.

If you like fun, light-hearted reads that make you laugh and cry, and old, lovable, mischievous dogs, Sit Stay Love is for you. And with part of the proceeds from the book being donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, you can’t go wrong!

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