It’s Zaturday – A Perfect Job!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Ziggy here. Actually, it’s Zaturday night, so we’re really late. But it’s not our fault. Zorro and I write our own posts, but we still need Mommy around to turn on the computer. Mommy was gone all day, though. Daddy even ate dinner without her. When we asked her about our post, she said she forgot. How could she forget about our Zaturday post?

Usually Mommy works at home. She says she’s writing books. But sometimes she goes to another job. This week, that happened a whole bunch. Zorro and I don’t like it when she goes to that other job, because she leaves us. Sometimes we’re home alone all day.

It’s fun, though, when Mommy is writing. A lot of times, she sits down at the dining room table with her computer. I’m not allowed on the table. But if Mommy is really thinking about what she’s doing, she doesn’t notice me, and I’m able to sneak up on the table and lie down behind her computer.

Zorro likes to get up in her lap when she writes. Sometimes he sits up and watches her. He pretends he knows what she’s writing, but I wonder if he can really read it.

Our favorite place is North Carolina. Mommy writes out in the special room she and Aunt Kim caged in for us. Mommy really likes it out there, and we do too. While Mommy writes, we watch the birds and squirrels. We get to hang out with Mommy and be in our favorite place, all at the same time.

Zorro and I think writing is a perfect job. We’re pretty lucky to have a (mostly) stay-at-home Mommy.


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