It’s Zaturday – Author Helpers!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Zorro here. People say that dogs are man’s best friend, but lots of people love cats, too. Mommy says that almost half of people who own cats have more than one. I’m glad Mommy and Daddy decided to have more than one cat, because it would be really lonely without Ziggy.

Mommy said that one man who loved cats was Edgar Allan Poe. He wrote books, like Mommy’ does (except he’s a lot more famous than Mommy). One of his cats, Catterina, used to sit on his shoulder to watch him write.

I like to watch Mommy write, but if I tried to sit on her shoulder, I’m afraid I would fall off; Mommy’s shoulders aren’t that big. Instead, I like to sit on her lap, because she regularly stops typing to scratch my neck.

Ziggy likes to watch Mommy write, too, but he usually lies on the table. Mommy used to scold him for getting up there and make him get down, but she finally gave up. Ziggy is pretty hard-headed.

When we went to North Carolina last month, Daddy went with us. So Mommy got to write while Daddy was driving. Ziggy and I were both in her lap then.

Mommy says that having kitties close by makes her feel more relaxed and creative. Ziggy and I are happy to help her out this way, because she gives us lots of love and feeds us really good kitty food.