It’s Zaturday – Kitty Toys, Yay!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Ziggy here. Zorro and I love to play. He’s three and I’m four. According to the Purina Cat Chow chart, that’s 28 and 32 in people years. We’re still young enough to enjoy toys. A lot. And when the toys we have get pushed under the furniture and we can’t reach them anymore, we look for other things to play with.

Zorro is pretty weird. I don’t understand some of the things he likes to play with. Like the paper coming out of the printer. It doesn’t matter where he is in the house. When he hears it start up, I’d better get out of the way, because he’ll just about run me over getting to it.Cat playing


The other day, Zorro walked out of the bathroom carrying Mommy’s toothbrush. I just looked at him like he was crazy. I have more discerning tastes than that. Like a piece of paper crumpled into a ball. When Mommy throws that down the hall, I can’t resist. Mommy’s hair is fun, too. It’s long and sometimes falls into my face when she picks me up. For some reason, Mommy scolds me when I swat at it.

But one of my favorite toys is this. When I hit the ball, it goes ‘round and ‘round. What’s even cooler, though, is the cardboard stuff in the middle. It feels so good on my feet. I sharpen my claws on it, and Mommy doesn’t yell at me like she does when I tear up the furniture or the woodwork.

cats with catnipBut what really makes this toy the bomb is when Mommy or Daddy sprinkle catnip into the cardboard stuff. Aaaah, maaannn! Cats are supposed to act proud and independent. Cool and collected. Disinterested. But something about that stuff just makes us lose all dignity. I can’t resist it. Zorro can’t, either.

It’s been a while since our humans added it, so the smell is pretty much gone. We can walk over to the toy, bat the ball around a few times or sharpen our claws on the cardboard and walk away, still keeping our pride and dignity. As it should be.

Wait. Daddy just got a plastic bag out of the drawer. Is it…I think it’s…yes! It is! Outa my way, Zorro!


Aaaahh… *long relaxed sigh*

One thought on “It’s Zaturday – Kitty Toys, Yay!

  1. I don’t have a dog post but one from our (my husband I) cat, Mama Mia.
    Mama Mia was dumped and found her way into our garage to hide behind the shelves to have her four kittens. We knew she wasn’t feral because of her patience with and demands on us and our two dogs…a Rottweiler (Conrad) and a mixed pit bull (Abby). We found homes for her babies and had her fixed. She has deemed to live with us for five years and lives with the dogs in the garage and even sleeps with Conrad sometimes. We leave a window cracked so she can come and go as she pleases. She comes into the house when she feels like it…the arrogance of cats is amazing. She presents us with little gifts of mice and squirrels and even goes walking with us in the evenings as long as she makes it back home first. We have coyote warnings around the neighborhood but we don’t worry about Mama Mia because on many occasions she is watching us from the roof of our house.

    I am new to your books but have become a devoted fan. How do I enter the contest for the 9-Book Western Romance Giveaway!

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