It’s Zaturday – Missing Daddy

It’s Zaturday—the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog! Ziggy here.

Okay, I think Mommy really needs to rename this “It’s Zunday!” Because this is two times in a row that she’s been late posting. She sort of has an excuse, though. Last week, Mommy and Daddy left the house to go exercise and didn’t come home. (Fortunately, they fed us before they left.) Mommy finally got home late that night and Daddy still hasn’t come home. Mommy said he fell playing pickleball and broke his hip. We’re not quite sure what that means, but they’re not letting him come home. Zorro and I really miss him, so we’re hoping that, wherever he is, Mommy is going to break him out.

A long time ago, Mommy broke Zorro out, too. Before Mommy came, this is what Zorro looked like:

Then Mommy broke him out and brought him home. He looked really sad at that other place, but he’s really happy now. In fact, we’re both really happy. See?

We hope Daddy’s not too sad. It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen him, which seems like FOREVER! And Mommy has been gone from early in the morning till dinnertime. But Aunt Kim and Uncle Chris have taken good care of us. They feed us lunch and dinner too if Mommy isn’t home yet. Daddy says Uncle Chris is a good fill-in butler and Aunt Kim is a good fill-in ladies’ maid.

A long time ago, Mommy and Daddy watched a program called “Downton Abbey.” Zorro and I watched it with them. It was okay, but there weren’t any cats on there. Daddy said that show helped him understand how cats think about their humans. Now he says Mommy is Mrs. Patmore, because she makes our kitty food, and he’s Pappy the Butler. If we think about it that way, Mommy and Daddy are good servants, because they take really good care of us. They make sure we have yummy kitty food…

Fun places to climb…

A comfy bed…

And lots of love.

Whether Mommy and Daddy are our servants or not, we think we’re going to keep them.

6 thoughts on “It’s Zaturday – Missing Daddy

  1. Hey Ziggy and Zorro – Hope you’re daddy is able to come home soon!! You are lucky cats to have mommy make your food. We have 2 dogs (1 is our daughter’s) and we make their food all the time because Izzy was getting sick from store-bought dog food.

  2. Hi Ziggy and Zoro,
    I’m sure your daddy would rather be home with both of you and mommy. I know your mommy is more than ready to break your daddy out and bring him to you. I know my mommy and daddy have disappeared and mommy shows up by herself. She always explains where daddy is and he misses my sister and I. One day a group of three strangers showed up, and daddy got on their portable bed. They put daddy in a big box type vehicle with lights on top. Mommy then grabbed stuff and she’s out the door in a flash. She jumped in our car and left too. That was really scary. She always stays with daddy, but she comes home every morning to pick up stuff, pet us, explain what’s happening and checks our food and water bowl, as well as giving us our midnight supper at 6:30 a.m. After putting food out for our cousins outside, she loads the car, pets us again, and tells us she’s going back to daddy. We don’t really mind, because she always brings him home within a few days after his disappears. We are then so happy to have mommy and daddy both home with us. Daddy gives us a lot of scratches and pets when he gets home. Hopefully your mommy brings your daddy home very soon, and he’ll give extra scratches too.

    Little Bit

    1. Hi Little Bit. It sounds like your daddy goes away more often than our daddy. That has to be really scary. I hope your daddy comes home soon and gets to stay home for a long, long time. It’s always a lot more fun when both Mommy and Daddy are home. It’s double the scratches!
      Ziggy and Zorro

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