It’s Zaturday – Weather Forecasters!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Zorro here. Mommy found out something interesting this week. Cats can sometimes predict earthquakes. I’m not sure what earthquakes are, because Ziggy and I have never been in one. Mommy says when earthquakes happen, everything starts shaking and things fall down. Aunt Kim told us about one that happened in North Carolina recently. Ziggy and I weren’t there, but she said she didn’t feel it anyway.

I’m glad earthquakes don’t happen in Florida, because that would be really scary. If everything started shaking, I would look for somewhere to hide, like the closet. Do you think the towels would protect me?

I don’t know about earthquakes, but Mommy and Daddy used to have two dogs that could predict thunderstorms. They were sisters named Bailey and Morgan. Bailey was especially good at it. She would start shaking and drooling before the sky even got cloudy. Mommy used to call them her little barometers.

Ziggy and I aren’t afraid of thunderstorms. We have a bunch of them in Florida. Mommy says it’s the lightning capital of the United States. But our cousin Blackie is terrified of them. When it’s storming, Blackie finds places to hide. Aunt Kim says one of his favorite spots is behind the toilet. But he likes to hide behind the couch and under the bed, too. This is Blackie:

He looks a lot like Ziggy except fatter. It’s a good thing Aunt Kim lives in North Carolina, because it doesn’t thunder much there. At least not anything like it does in Florida.

Ziggy and I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on outside, because we feel nice and safe in the house. We even feel safe in our catio, because it’s way high up off the ground.

I don’t know about predicting earthquakes or thunderstorms, but there’s one thing we can always predict. When we hear Mommy washing our food bowls and the pop of the catfood can being opened, we know what’s going to happen next: Mealtime!

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    1. Hi Elsie! Yes, I think Blackie is green-eyed. Zorro and Ziggy both have yellow eyes. My brother just got a kitten and he’s also black. We must have a thing for black cats!

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