A New Beginning

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February 2024

Third book in the Song of the Smokies Series

Sometimes tragedies are blessings in disguise…

Golden girl Holly Gunderson has always lived a charmed life. She has just finished college, has landed her dream job and is looking forward to a bright future with her doctor fiancé. When a rape results in pregnancy, her dreams come crashing down around her. She returns home to Murphy, North Carolina, where her parents surprise her with an ultimatum she can’t live with.

Since his beloved boss committed suicide, construction worker Alex Shepherd has spent the past eight months living on his savings while finishing projects for his boss’s financially-strapped widow. He leaves Florida and arrives in Murphy almost broke, ready to move in with his aunt to remodel the fixer-upper she just bought. He’s hoping his stay in Murphy will bring him some peace after a harrowing few months and also help to replenish his bank account. What he doesn’t count on is his aunt’s involvement with the local crisis pregnancy center or her beautiful houseguest’s struggles. Both hit too close to home.

Though Alex and Holly are from opposite ends of the social spectrum, a friendship develops between them, and they find they have more in common than they realize, until deep-seated insecurities drive them apart. But maybe this unplanned stay in the mountains holds healing for both of them, with prospects of a bright future…a new beginning.

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