Deadly Getaway

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cover-dgDecember 2014

Prequel to the Cedar Key Series

4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon – I just finished this book and hurried home to order the next. I don’t usually do that. It’s amazing how much action and suspense Ms. Post packed into a small book. The characters are well developed and likable; the story is believable; yet the twists kept me coming back to see what would happen next.” – Amazon reviewer

Sydney Wilson’s relaxing getaway turns deadly when she and her best friend witness a murder. Before the night is over, her friend is dead and Sydney is floating in the Gulf with a bullet wound in her shoulder. Cedar Key Fireman Wade Tanner lifts her from the water and delivers her to an ambulance. But he can’t ignore her pleas for help, or the fear in her eyes. Soon he is caught up in a life-or-death race to learn the identity of the killers. Because they are closing in and won’t give up until they see her dead.


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