The Road Home

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December 2023

Second book in the Song of the Smokies Series

She was just one of the guys…everybody’s friend but nobody’s girlfriend.

When his father has a stroke, bad-boy Kyle Worthington drags himself back to Murphy, North Carolina, where his one-time best friend accused him of starting the fire that left her scarred. Though he sees the accusation in everyone’s eyes, he’ll be there for his mother, but he has no intention of visiting his harsh, demanding father…or renewing the relationship he once had with his former best friend.

In spite of Kyle’s denials, Samantha Atkinson knows what she saw, and nothing will convince her otherwise. As circumstances force them together, they struggle their way back to a tentative friendship. Although Samantha has always been attracted to Kyle, she doesn’t have any delusions. She’s seen the kind of women he dates, and she’s not it.

Soon, Sam finds what she has wholeheartedly believed cast in doubt, and Kyle has to take a hard look at his priorities. Together, they just might learn that home really is where the heart is—a place of healing, forgiveness, reconciliation…and love.

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