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1.  I have such bad sense of direction that when we go out to eat, my mom says she’s afraid if I go to the salad bar by myself she’ll never see me again.

2.  I’m not very coordinated, but I love Zumba.

3.  Hiking the Appalachian Trail is on my bucket list.

4.  I once chased down a would-be car thief. (I’ve toned it down over the years. I now leave the heroics to my characters.)

5.  Years ago, I wanted a python for a pet but couldn’t stand the thought of feeding it live mice, so I got an iguana instead. (They eat veggies.)

6.  Three things I’ve done once and will never do again are a) finishing concrete, b) changing head gaskets, and c) picking oranges (nasty thorns).

7.  I totaled three cars before my 26th birthday.

8.  My daughters and I did tae kwon do together for three and a half years. In a demonstration for our homeschool group, I attacked my 12-year-old and she threw me over her shoulder and to the floor. (Loved the reaction from the audience!)

9.  I’m a vegetarian who eats fish. (Technically, that’s a pescatarian. But if I tell people I’m a pescatarian, they think it’s some kind of weird religion.)

10.  In 1978, I performed a piano concerto with the Lakeland Symphony Orchestra. A year and a half later, I met my husband and learned he was in the orchestra accompanying me. We’ve been making music together ever since.

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