Coloring – Not Just for Kids

On Mother’s Day, I received the usual flowers and sweet card from my hubby.

But this time, he got me something different – an adult coloring book. It’s titled Color Me Fearless and is split into seven themed sections: Courage, Strength, Resilience, Confidence, Power, Adventure and Freedom. This desert scene with cacti represents resilience. Very fitting, wouldn’t you say?







These designs are in the “Freedom” section:









I got my first coloring book (as an adult) and a set of 24 colored pencils this past Christmas. It was pretty cool, because I was visiting my sister in North Carolina, and she got one, too. We spent our evenings that week playing games and coloring. Two things we quickly discovered that had changed since we colored as children were the complexity of the designs and our visual acuity.


My sister, the ingenious person that she is, figured out a way around those obstacles – jeweler’s lenses. That’s what I call someone who is serious about her coloring!

I thought I had outgrown coloring by the time I reached my first double digit birthday, but in recent months, I’ve been hearing a lot about its benefits. I find it very relaxing and a great way to enhance creativity. But coloring isn’t just for creative people.  Researchers have recognized the benefits of coloring on the adult brain for over 100 years. Here’s a very informative post on the subject that Wellness Mama did a couple of weeks ago.

What about you? Have you gotten into the coloring craze? Gel pens or colored pencils? Any favorite books?