Writer Wednesday – My Favorite Places to Read/Write

After taking a few months off, I’m back for another edition of Writer Wednesday. This month, several of my writer friends and I are sharing our favorite places to read and write. I love to kick back in the recliner with a good book and my afghan (lovingly crocheted by my sweet mom). As soon as I sit down, I’ve got company.





Sometimes I write in the recliner, too, but as someone who loves nature, I feel most inspired when I can be outside. Since I live in Florida, that’s pretty much year around. So I usually take my laptop and head out to the screen room.









I love the view, looking out over the golf course. It’s so serene–the rolling landscape, the Spanish moss hanging from the trees, the breeze rustling the leaves. It’s the perfect setting to get those creative juices flowing.








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10 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday – My Favorite Places to Read/Write

    1. Thanks, Shelly! I’m blessed to live in Florida where I can enjoy the outdoors year around.

  1. Such beautiful views, Carol. I am so jealous. The weather is warming up here in Virginia, but everything is still brown and dead. And since the weather is notoriously fluky, it could snow tomorrow.
    If I had your porch, I don’t think I’d ever leave it!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! We’re pretty green here. I think it might have reached freezing once this winter but didn’t last long, so everything looks great.

      I was in North Carolina last week and got to see snow. It didn’t stick, but it was really pretty coming down.

  2. OH, what a lovely view of your trees with Spanish moss. Very serene. I’m in Georgia and love when I can head to Savannah– Live Oaks, many Squares and history. Love it. Furry friends are always fun to snuggle up unless they lay across my book. And with your screened porch to enjoy, I think I’d make it my office. 🙂

    1. Thank, Jean! I’ve always loved the Spanish moss, and I really enjoy my screen room.

      I can relate to the problem of cats lying across the book, or pressing keys on the computer keyboard. Midnight is notorious for that!

    1. Thanks, Priscilla! You’re right, it’s very relaxing. Unfortunately, I’m stuck inside today working on income tax. Ugh!

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