Writer Wednesday – Our Sweet, Lovable Fur Babies


For our Writer Wednesday post this month, my Firebird friends and I are talking about our pets. I’ve had lots of special fur babies over the years. Tiggy, my first cat as an adult, used to “hug” me when I picked him up, wrapping his front paws around my neck and burying his face in my hair.


Here is Suki and her pal Itsy. Suki (the Siamese) loved to play fetch. She had a little rubber mouse that she would drop at our feet and meow for us to throw it for her. This would go on until we finally wore her out. After a good nap, she was ready to go again.





Smudge was a solid white cat who was completely deaf. As a kitten he had two gray smudges on top of his head. The smudges faded and disappeared, but the name stuck. He was super sweet and loved to go for walks and car rides, the longest of which was from Florida to Connecticut and back. We used to get a lot of double-takes on the dog walks at rest areas. Here he is in Virginia.

Our last two cats to pass away were Itsy at 14 and Suki at 17 1/2 years old. We’re now a one-cat family, which hasn’t been typical for us. Midnight is enjoying being king of the house. He likes sitting in my lap as I write. I think he’s critiquing.

Midnight in dining room


He also loves boxes. It doesn’t matter how small. I call this pic, “How to fit 17 pounds of feline blubber into a 7×10 box.”












Recently Midnight discovered something that he likes even better than boxes. My mom got him his first catnip toy. That black blob you see is a stoned cat.




After years of having only cats, we rescued two long-haired dachshunds, Morgan and Bailey. We lost Bailey to an enlarged heart, but her sister Morgan is still with us. She likes my husband, but she’s super attached to me.






Morgan’s favorites things are whatever Mommy is doing, whether it’s something fun, like sailing…





Morgan in yard


…or just hanging out while Mommy writes.








Today, though, she’s having a rough time. She had to have 12 teeth extracted. Doesn’t she look sad? But now as I write this, she’s sleeping peacefully beside me, having had a dose of doggie morphine.



What about you? Do you have, or have you had any especially memorable pets? (I know, they’re all special!) To check out my friends’ lovable fur babies, click the links below.

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16 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday – Our Sweet, Lovable Fur Babies

  1. I love your photos, Carol. What a wonderful family of pets you have and they clearly bring you great joy. I love the photo of the “stoned” cat. That one is my favorite!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! Yeah, we had to give my mom a hard time about turning her grandcat into a drug addict!

  2. I too currently have a big cat who likes to sit in my lap while I type. In fact I have to wrestle her for my computer chair sometimes–it’s her favorite spot. One of my dogs used to sleep with his head on one of the rollers of my desk chair so he’d always know when I moved. They are wonderful friends.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kay. Midnight is in my lap now as I write, and Morgan is lying at my feet. It’s so cool the way they always want to be with us.

  3. The pink cat sweater was too cute!!! Love all your pics, Carol.

    I had to “awwww” at the thought of having 12 teeth pulled. Hope your baby is feeling better soon!

    I think of my golden doodle Addi as my “baby” too. Can’t imagine life without her. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your babies with us!!

    1. Thanks, Pris. Morgan seems to be feeling a little better today, but she’s doing a lot of sleeping. She’s eating really good, though (soft food, of course). I think in a few days she’ll be back to normal.

  4. Love all the pictures of your pets. Pets are so wonderful to us too. We have 1 cat,(Katie) 3 dogs,(Lucy) Dachshund , black Lab (Max) and Bud a Yorkie, small parrot (Topper). We love them so, they are family.

    1. I love your menagerie, Caro! They really are family, aren’t they? That became especially true for me after our girls left home. It would really be lonely without Midnight and Morgan to keep me company, especially during the day.

      1. Oh I forgot to include my 4 grandbabies. My daughter in TN has 2 cats Amber and Charlotte she and her husband have only 4 legged kids. Now my daughter in TX has 2 dogs Klaus and Molly. They also only have 4 legged kids. I buy all of them Christmas gifts its fun and I love them. Yes my daughter here in FL gave me a 16 yr old grandson and two years ago she and her husband adopted a 8 yr old boy. So I do have 2 legged ones too. lol

        1. LOL, Caro! We can’t forget the grandcats and granddogs! That’s so cute that you buy them all Christmas gifts!

  5. Carol, we had our cat, Amiga for 19 years! We finally had to put her down early last year when we developed health issues. It was so hard. She was definitely like another child! We had to Skype all of our adult children so they could say “goodbye” to her and they were all crying! Our daughter thinks we need another pet now but no way! Loved all your pictures…..your animals are very cute!

    1. Thanks, Valri! Wow, 19 years! That’s a long time. Having to put them down is so hard. I’m glad your kids all got to say goodbye to Amiga.

  6. Love the pictures and reading about your fur babies. I don’t know what I would do without my two cats.

  7. Love the pic of you writing in the backyard and the Kittie watching. I and my cat’s did that tis summer and on the early fall. Fun.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Vicki! He’s always with me, either right beside me or in my lap! He’s great company.

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