Writer Wednesdays – What’s in My Purse?


The Firebirds skipped our July edition of Writer Wednesdays, since several of us were getting ready for the Romance Writers of America Conference in San Diego, but we’re back for August. This month, we’re showing what’s in our purses.

I have all the usual boring stuff, like my wallet, checkbook and note pads. But I found a few interesting things in there, too.

Like two bank envelopes…20160809_235458

I had hoped there was money in them that I had forgotten about, but unfortunately, they were both empty. (I did find $30 last week, though, in the pocket of a pair of shorts I hadn’t worn in some time.)





Of course, my keys stay in my purse. The rectangular purple one is my gym key, and the boomerang key chain was given to me by a lovely writer friend from Australia, Catherine Rull.



I also have quite a few in-case-of-emergency items, like a mini-sewing kit, ear plugs, Burt’s Bees lip balm, a small plastic bag of topical items like antiseptic, Blistex and sunscreen, and a small bottle of Aleve (which actually holds whatever kind of headache medicine we happen to have on hand at the time, currently Advil).




And what writer doesn’t carry bookmarks and business cards? And of course, lots of pens, most of which are imprinted with names of other writers or writing organizations. I currently have pens in my purse from Elizabeth Heiter, Lynda Bailey, Sandra Owens, The Golden Network (Golden Heart finalists), and my own RWA chapter, TARA (Tampa Area Romance Authors).

One thing I realized that I don’t have in my purse is pictures of my kids and grandkids, except what’s on my phone. But since I carry my phone in my purse, I guess that counts.


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10 thoughts on “Writer Wednesdays – What’s in My Purse?

  1. Hmm–that bag of qtips and bandaids I used to carry around seems to have disappeared from my purse. No book marks at the moment, only five pens (most of them from the local Toyota dealership). But it’s a new purse. It won’t stay this neat.

  2. Hey, I had some of those same pens in my purse too! I think I’m seeing a trend in writer’s purses! PENS! :0)

    1. I know. I keep accumulating them and have to move them to the pen holder on my desk, or my purse gets too full!

    1. I think she brought all the Firebirds who were at RWA a key chain that year. That was so sweet! I love mine!

  3. I love carrying around pens from my writer friends or from new writers I’ve recently discovered.

    Very true, Tosha! A writer can never have too many pens! 🙂

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