It’s Zaturday – Hangin’ Out!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Ziggy here. Zorro and I have lots of places we like to hang out. One of our favorites is the “catio” Mommy and Aunt Kim made for us in North Carolina. We have lots of fun sitting on the bar and watching the birds come to the feeder. They’re almost close enough to reach out and grab (but not quite).

We like our kitty condo in Florida a lot, too. It has nice perches on top where we curl up and go to sleep. It’s especially nice when the sun is shining in the window or at night when the lizards come to visit. The other day, Zorro decided to take a bath up there and almost fell off. I bet he won’t try that again.

Mommy says some of our hangouts are a little strange, like when Mommy took some work to bed with her, and instead of lying on the soft bed, Zorro went to sleep on her clipboard.

Or when I was at Grandma’s house, and with all the nice roomy couches and chairs to lie on, I crowded onto the stuffed bunny’s lap in the tiny chair.

We have lots of fun places to hang out. But what makes all of them special is having Mommy close by.


It’s Zaturday – Strange Diets!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Zorro here. Ziggy and I love to eat. Mommy and Daddy buy us lots of good kitty food, but we have some flavors that are our favorites. Splash Dance is really yummy. So is Fowl Ball, Chicken Frick ‘A Zee, Lamb Burgini and Funk in the Trunk.

Ziggy is weird, though, because he likes to eat Mommy’s vitamins. Mommy has to be careful to swallow them right away and not leave them beside her computer, or Ziggy will get into them. Mommy says he doesn’t need them, because he already has too much energy. The few times he’s eaten Mommy’s vitamins, they didn’t hurt him. But when we were in North Carolina last month, he got into Grandma’s vitamins and threw them up all over her carpet. Mommy wasn’t happy.

Mommy and Daddy used to have a cat that was even stranger than Ziggy. He loved tomatoes. When Mommy would open the refrigerator door to get something, he would jump inside, grab a tomato and run away with it.

But Mommy read something a few days ago that is the weirdest of all. She says that in a place called the Galapagos, grasshoppers make up half of the cats’ diets. Ziggy thinks I eat grasshoppers, because I can jump really high. My favorite spot is on top of the curio cabinet.

But I don’t eat grasshoppers. At least not normally. If a grasshopper got into the house, I would chase it and catch it. But even though I sometimes eat bugs I catch, I don’t think I would eat a grasshopper. They look too crunchy. I mean, check him out. Does he look appetizing?

Image by Claudia Peters from Pixabay


I don’t think so. Not to turn my nose up at what my distant cousins eat, but I think I’ll stick with my yummy kitty food…and tuna.

It’s Zaturday – A Perfect Job!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Ziggy here. Actually, it’s Zaturday night, so we’re really late. But it’s not our fault. Zorro and I write our own posts, but we still need Mommy around to turn on the computer. Mommy was gone all day, though. Daddy even ate dinner without her. When we asked her about our post, she said she forgot. How could she forget about our Zaturday post?

Usually Mommy works at home. She says she’s writing books. But sometimes she goes to another job. This week, that happened a whole bunch. Zorro and I don’t like it when she goes to that other job, because she leaves us. Sometimes we’re home alone all day.

It’s fun, though, when Mommy is writing. A lot of times, she sits down at the dining room table with her computer. I’m not allowed on the table. But if Mommy is really thinking about what she’s doing, she doesn’t notice me, and I’m able to sneak up on the table and lie down behind her computer.

Zorro likes to get up in her lap when she writes. Sometimes he sits up and watches her. He pretends he knows what she’s writing, but I wonder if he can really read it.

Our favorite place is North Carolina. Mommy writes out in the special room she and Aunt Kim caged in for us. Mommy really likes it out there, and we do too. While Mommy writes, we watch the birds and squirrels. We get to hang out with Mommy and be in our favorite place, all at the same time.

Zorro and I think writing is a perfect job. We’re pretty lucky to have a (mostly) stay-at-home Mommy.


It’s Zaturday – Happy Independence Day!

It’s Zaturday, the day we (Ziggy and Zorro) take over Mommy’s blog.

Zorro here. Today is Independence Day. At least, that’s what Mommy says. Ziggy and I aren’t sure what Independence Day is, but we think it has something to do with cats.

Everyone knows that cats are independent. Mommy and Daddy make jokes about it. Daddy says dogs have owners but cats have staff, and Mommy says that cats used to be worshiped as gods and we’ve never forgotten it.

We don’t know about all that, but we’re waaay more independent than dogs. Scientists say that we don’t see Mommy and Daddy as a focus of safety the same way dogs do. Even though we can take care of ourselves pretty well, we do still rely on Mommy and Daddy to give us affection and mental stimulation and to keep us healthy. And we show them that we love them by purring and rubbing up against them. Another way I show Mommy and Daddy that I love them is by blinking slowly at them. I like it when Mommy does it back.

I think Ziggy is more independent than I am, though, because when Mommy goes away, I really miss her. And when she finally comes back, I can hardly wait for her to put her stuff down so she can pick me up and love me. I always greet her with kisses on the nose.


Now, back to Independence Day. Since it’s our special day, Ziggy and I are waiting for our silk pillows…and tuna…and snuggles. Think we’ll get them?