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For our Writer Wednesday post this month, my Firebird friends and I are discussing, “What would your best day ever look like?” For me, my best day ever would probably involve a cruise ship and some exotic locale in the Mediterranean. But on a more practical note, any day that I can be in nature is a good day. And spending it with family just makes it that much more special.

I live in Central Florida, but my “second home” is at my sister’s place in North Carolina. I often go up just to get some uninterrupted writing time in. While there, I stay in the basement (which is really much nicer than it sounds). I have the whole bottom floor to myself and spend most of my time writing on one of the back patios overlooking the woods. Turkeys, deer, squirrels and a variety of birds often come to visit. After productive days writing, my mom, sister, brother-in-law and I play word games all evening. Boggle, Quiddler, Bananagrams and Scrabble are our favorites.

My retreat in the mountains, viewed from the back yard











My inspiration! Scenery sitting at my writing table
And we have visitors!









My daughters, sons-in-law and grandkids live in Connecticut and Rhode Island. My husband and I make it up there when we can, but not nearly as often as we’d like. Sometimes we all meet in North Carolina. Since my kids enjoy the outdoors as much as I do, we spend lots of time hiking, camping and going to parks. Having to leave them to come back home is always sad.

Hiking in Connecticut. We made it to the top of the waterfall. Then came the fun part–climbing down!













A picture-perfect photo spot. We each had to climb out onto the slick rocks and pose. Fortunately, no one ended up in the river. This shot is my husband and me.



My older daughter and me at a park in Rhode Island. It looks like we’re trying to solve the problems of the world, doesn’t it?


My younger daughter and son-in-law at the same park.








































So what is your idea of a perfect day? Check out what my writer friends have to say about their perfect days by clicking on the links below.

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6 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday – My Best Day Ever

  1. Carol,

    That NC retreat house aka your sister’s basement looks like a fantastic spot to write. So pretty and peaceful! And a visit with our kids after their all grown and on their own makes any day the best! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Tammy. Yes, that’s a fantastic spot to write. I literally get twice as much done up there as I do at home.

  2. Enjoyed your post and the wonderful pictures. When my family is together we play a lot of Scrabble.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ann. Scrabble is a long-time favorite of a lot of people. I’ve been playing since I was about 10. I played regularly with an older lady in the neighborhood back then. She taught me two really cool words that I play to this day – “raj” and “haj.” (Great way to get rid of that J!)

  3. Love those pictures! What a beautiful family you have. I agree, those family days–especially family days in the outdoors–are the best!

    1. Aw, thanks, Wendy! I have to say, I really miss my kids. New England is a looonnnng way from Florida!

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